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About Pontem Contractors

Pontem Contractors Inc. (formerly known as Schutt-Lookabill Co., Inc.) is an INDOT pre-qualified contractor building infrastructure projects through out Indiana since 1984.
From our modest beginnings specializing in small structure replacement and bridge rehabilitation, the company has grown and expanded into all facets of both public and private infrastructure projects.
Whether it be an interstate highway bridge, commercial site development , an urban streetscape or pedestrian trail, Pontem Contractors has the experience and expertise necessary to build and manage each project through successful completion.
Our commitment is to carry on the same pride and dedication to our work while delivering the highest infrastructure projects to our clients.

Schutt-Lookbill Company, Inc. is now Pontem Contractors, Inc.

We are excited to announce that effective January 1, 2021 Schutt-Lookabill Co, Inc has changed it’s name to Pontem Contractors, Inc. With the company having evolved over the years this name change will allow us to better represent ourselves to our clients and partners.
Why did we choose Pontem Contractors? Simply, Pontem is the Latin word for bridge, the foundation of our business.
Spanning the gap between the past and present with an eye toward the future is a challenge that our management team has embraced. We have long marveled at the innovation of our predecessors, their valued insight, numerous contributions to our industry and the enduring structures they have built. That is our commitment to carry on the same pride and dedication to our work while delivering the highest quality infrastructure projects to our Clients.

We can be contacted at:

Pontem Contractors, Inc.
4050 Rockville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46222


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